What should I do with my left-over vouchers?
In case you have valid left-over vouchers from Technics TRACKS, you can use them on the 7Digital platform as well.

Where can I buy high resolution from now on?
We work together with the music download service 7Digital. With your log in data from the Technics TRACKS account you can register on the 7Digital Platform to download high resolution music.

What is 7Digital?
7Digital is a digital music and radio services platform offering high resolution music in FLAC format. Technics TRACKS was already powered by 7Digital using 7digital's services and terms and conditions.

I didn’t download my music. What should I do?
You can use your log in data from your Technics TRACKS account to register on the 7Digital platform. With your log in on the 7Digital platform you can access your downloads saved in your account.

What happened with my personal consumer data and my credit card information?
Technics TRACKS has been a download service supported by 7digital using their services and terms and conditions. Therefore all personal consumer data as well as credit card information has been stored in the 7Digital database anyway. With the closing of Technics TRACKS the data will stay in the 7Digital database. However, if you wish to close your account to delete any consumer information please contact the 7Digital customers service.

Contact Us
For further assistance using Technics TRACKS please visit the "7Digital" Platform and use their contact form.